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Our Story

Our story starts a few years back, when I bought my first Wrangler, a 2005 Rubicon. Man, did I love that Jeep but boy did I hate not having any room for my gear or a trip to Home Depot.

It hit the breaking point when I got my dog, Ruby. With her in the back, I had no room at all. So I went online and started venting on my favorite forum and someone posted a picture of their old military trailer, called a M416. It was love at first sight. I loved my Jeep because it was functional, utilitarian and I could modify it to meet my needs. This trailer struck those same chords. Plus, I could throw all my gear in the trailer and my dog in the back of my Jeep and hit the trails. PERFECT!

I set out on a journey to find an affordable M416 in usable shape. To my disappointment, each one I found was either destroyed, expensive or far away. So growing frustrated, I gave up on the search and sold my Jeep. Fast forward a few years and in 2008 I found myself back in a 2-door Wrangler. This time I decided to take my trailer fate into my own hands and it eventually became Manley ORV Company.

Our trailers begin with the iconic Military M416 DNA and finish with the strength, looks and features sought out by today's overlander, weekend camper and the guy or gal that just needs a little extra room for that trip to Home Depot. We look forward to sharing our passion and pursuit of perfection with you.

Joshua Manley
Owner & President

Office: (330) 277-4865 FAX: (330) 470-2444

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Contact Us


Current Inventory

The trailers below are IN-STOCK and available for pick-up or immediate shipment. If you’d like a trailer outfitted differently than what’s below, just send us an email to info@manleyorv.com or give us a call at (330)227-4865 and we’d be happy to give you a quote and let you know the lead time.

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MORV Explore $ 7795.00
Add’l Rack Crossmember $ 297.50
Gran Sabana Tent Upgrade $ 855.00
$ 8947.50
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Stock# BWFA14

MORV Basecamp $ 7995.00
Sunroom Walls Add-On $ 495.00
Sunroom Floor Add-On $ 255.00
$ 8745.00

*In regards to shipping, we ship our trailers 100% fully assembled on a custom hardwood pallet, banded and stretch wrapped. They ship via truck freight inside a semi trailer. We can deliver to a business with a dock/forklift or you can pick it up at the local terminal; there is usually one within 30 minutes of your home. You just show up, they set the pallet outside, you cut the stretch wrap and banding, hook it up to your tow vehicle and pull it right off the pallet on home. Very easy and simple.

Due to shipping them 100% assembled inside a fully enclosed truck; our shipping price is a couple hundred dollars more than if we shipped them unassembled or on an open car hauler. But we feel it is well worth it, knowing you will have a trailer that looks brand new when you receive it and is ready to be put to work right away. Here are a few photos of a recent shipment: View Photos >

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Trailer Prepped For Shipment


Hello all,

In 2005, when I bought my first Wrangler, I dreamed of finding an old ¼ ton military trailer to rehab to tow on all my adventures. When I purchased my 2008 Wrangler, that same dream had resurfaced, but this time it was to build my own offroad trailer; and that I did with the help of a good friend.

That first trailer we built, which I endearingly refer to as the MORV R&D; was amazing in both design and looks. It exceeded both of our expectations and all of our friends, family and anyone that saw it on the road. With this type of reception, how could we not move forward with turning this into an actual business? So Manley ORV Company was born and luckily I had another successful company to help fund the venture.

Fast forward 5 years, a U.S. Design Patent, multiple magazine and TV appearances, literally 100’s of 14 hour days and many MORV trailers on the road, I seriously could not be more proud of the product we put out. In my (biased) opinion, the MORV trailer is the best-designed, coolest looking offroad trailer that has ever been on the market, while still paying homage to the M416 military trailer that paved the way. Which was very important to me. To this day, I walk back in the shop and still stare at my personal MORV Explore in awe that I own it, let alone designed and built it.

Which brings me to the point of this letter. Being 35 years old, those 14-hour days have caught up with me. Running a successful company is hard, stressful work, let alone running two. To be frank, Manley ORV Company grew beyond my expectations, which taxed our suppliers and brought me to a crossroads. I needed outside investment to bring more production in-house or I needed to find a partner to be responsible for the manufacturing side.

But unlike most of my competitors, I was not willing to use my customer’s money to finance our growth. I was not willing to sell trailers I did not have. I was not willing to go on a 6 or 12-month backlog. I was not willing to sacrifice our impeccable reputation. To me Manley ORV Company was very personal and was suppose to be fun. Leveraging ourselves to that level did not sound like fun or a recipe for success.

Unfortunately I was not able to find the right investment or partner that aligned with my core values and vision for Manley ORV Company. Which left me with a choice… continue on with those 14 hours days, dealing with suppliers issues, while running two companies with no end in site. Or put the company up for sale, so someone with more resources could carry on my dream.

It is with much sadness I have chosen the latter. I have chosen to sell Manley ORV Company. It’s time for me to work a normal schedule, take care of my health and hopefully start a family.

$75,000 is the asking price, which I feel, is very reasonable. You could not duplicate this company for double that. I will not do owner financing and I will not negotiate. Here is what the new buyer receives:

-Manley ORV Company LLC (5 years of operation)
-Social Accounts (FB, IG, Youtube and forums)
-Customer / Potential Customer Lists
-Designs (Solidworks & CAD Files)
-Supplier Relationships (Buy at wholesale)
-Shipping Discounts (85% Discount w/ ABF Freight & Negotiated Class Breaks
-WMI Number (World Manufacturer’s ID)
-Equipment & Processes To Print VIN# & Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
-Member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer’s
-(A) Rating w/ BBB

If you are interested in purchasing Manley ORV Company please email j.manley@manleyorv.com and attach proof of funds. I will respond with P&L’s from the years we were operating and we can move forward from there.


Joshua Manley
Owner & President